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Loaris Trojan Remover Full

Malicious cleaning software. It removes adware, spybot, spyware, trojan or similar malicious code, applications that infect your computer or external media. You can scan and clean your computer against ad viruses, fake applications, toolbar viruses or similar malicious applications. It provides options such as resetting browser settings, resetting hosts file, resetting windows updates. With the software that is regularly updated, you can create regular scanning plans as well as manual scanning operations.

Screenshots - Multi-Language Support


. There are 3 different scanning features. (Normal Scan, Full Scan, Customized Scan)
. Internet Explorer can scan computer startup records and ActiveX components
. The Internet Explorer home page can repair this if it is changed by a malware
. Your default search engine can repair when changed
. The computer can be turned on automatically at boot
. Can scan in depth
. Can update automatically
. List the pests found at the end of the screening
. Easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface
. You can reset the Hosts file
. Multi-language support Turkish, German, English, etc. Can use in languages​

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