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Stripe is currently supported in the light blue countries, although it’s a bit more complicated if you live in Mexico, India, or Brazil.
Medium’s Partner Program is indisputably awesome. Where else can a writer with zero experience not only gain access to a massive audience, but also potentially get paid to do so?

However, as we all know, you need a Stripe account to get paid. And to get a Stripe account, you need to live in a supported country. At least, you did.

If like me, you live in one of the darker parts of the world, you need a workaround.

For the many, many, many writers and prospective writers on Medium who believe that they can’t join the Medium Partner Program because their country is not supported by Stripe, there is hope.

That hope is called TransferWise Borderless.

Watch the video introducing TransferWise’s Borderless account.
(Please note that this is not an advert or affiliate post. I’m just excited to be able to help other Medium writers in unsupported countries to get paid for their hard work.)

In short, TransferWise is a UK-based money transfer company that offers pretty good rates and doesn’t inflate exchange rates. It also allows you to hold more than 40 currencies online and switch them at your convenience, or when the exchange rate is in your favor. Pretty nifty.


These currencies are supported by TransferWise.
But the real clincher for freelancers and Medium writers is that through TransferWise, you can get foreign bank details so your clients can pay you “like they’d pay a local.”


Get local bank account details through TransferWise’s Borderless account.
With, say, a German bank account number, you can easily create a Stripe account and start receiving Medium payments in no time at all.

“I’ve never heard of TransferWise. Is it legit?”
I had the same question and did a bit of reading. Trustpilot gives it a rating of 4.5 stars based on 72,503 reviews. Monito did a comprehensive independent review on its credibility, rates, and ease of use and gave it a Credibility & Security score of 9.4/10. Seems legit.

*Are there countries that aren’t supported by TransferWise?
There are a few countries that aren’t yet supported, but the list is far shorter than Stripe’s list:


The list of countries not supported by TransferWise Borderless.
There are also a few countries where you can’t yet get USD account details, but you can still easily set up a Stripe account using a EUR account so this shouldn’t present too much of an issue.

So how do I start earning Medium money?
  1. First, you need to create a TransferWise Borderless account.

Once you’ve completed the necessary forms, link it to your local bank account of choice. Add the currencies you would like to receive and hold money in (you won’t need to deposit any money).


2. Next, add the countries that you’d like to get local bank details for. If the USA isn’t available in your country, simply choose Europe and you’ll get access to a German IBAN bank account number and SWIFT code.


Note that Stripe currently has some issues with linking GBP and AUD balances, so stick to USD, NZD or EUR.

NB: You need to ensure that your bank details and the name of the account holder are exactly the same on both your TransferWise and Stripe accounts. If it isn’t, this will not work.

Author screen capture — TransferWise.
3. Next, create a Stripe account and use the foreign bank account details you received through TransferWise as your bank details. Ensure that the name you give exactly matches the one on your TransferWise account.


Author screen capture from TransferWise.Tips:
  • Set up your Stripe currency of choice to match the one you’ll be receiving on TransferWise. Use either USD, EUR or NZD and exchange it once it's in your TransferWise wallet. Transfers in other currencies will fail.
  • In the address field on Stripe, you won’t be able to add your own country from the dropdown. Still, enter your own address and simply select the country and region that your foreign bank account is in. This worked for me.
  • After a few weeks of having your account, you will be asked to upload documents confirming your address and identity. This is in line with international Know Your Customer regulations. I uploaded proof of my address in my native country and this worked just fine — it just needs to match the address you gave when you signed up (even if the country doesn’t match).
4. Set up your Medium Partner Program account and link this to your new Stripe account. You’ll soon start getting emails about your earnings from Medium and will be able to view your earnings in your Stripe dashboard.

You’ll need to answer some questions about tax while setting up your Medium Partner Program account. I’m afraid I’m not an international tax expert, so I can’t help with that, but you can read more about it here.

There you have it! This worked or me and I truly hope it will work for you too, and that you’ll soon be swimming in Medium earnings.